Tuesday, 14 May 2013


So many words! Colossal amounts of research down and a fair bit more to go, I'm moving forward with the strong belief that knowledge is power. As mentioned in my last post, being up-against-it means extra care must be taken to be completely prepared, therefore I'm working on collecting as much background information to back up my ideas and plans as possible.

It's times like this you realise writing a dissertation is a pretty good skill to learn!

Figures haven't been much of a consideration of mine in recent years, so working with quantitative data feels a bit different, but I'm quickly getting used to it. I'm currently collecting data from consumer reports regarding eco/sustainable apparel, which is encouraging to say the least. Good news!

It seems it could soon be time to order the initial lengths of fabric for Holoholo's first collection, in order to create a sample set that is 100% accurate. Looking forward to getting back behind the sewing machine and zoning out a little - all this research is tiring on the brain! I'll also be really pleased to be able to take some photographs of Holoholo's progress to share; Blog Holoholo is missing some visuals!

Happy Tuesday all!

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