Friday, 17 May 2013


Bamboo viscose
Organic Cotton & Bamboo blend
Organic Cotton

Finally some interesting(ish) photographs! With a tasty bit of natural light eeking through the window I thought it might be nice to show the fabrics destined for Holoholo production.

After much research into eco-sustainable materials I have decided on primarily using a bamboo viscose, based on many different principles. Whether this will take and hold fabric dye remains to be seen, but if it does not, there is an organic cotton alternative that can be used for panels and trims. The bamboo has such a great feel - it is so soft and finely woven that I'm really excited to get my sample collection together and see how each piece turns out.

There still feels like a lot to do before production can begin, but since it is so important to put in the background work and preparation, there is little room for impatience. It can sometimes prove hard to be motivated to slog away on the research and finance side of the business plan - it can be rather mind-boggling - but it's all a great big learning curve that could not be more crucial to the successful running of a business. Sticking at it is where it's at.

Now I'm getting more comfortable in the new job I can spend less time trying to relax and not stress over it, and more time working on the business plan and putting preparations in place for Holoholo's future. In other news, I'm currently considering setting up a separate office for Holoholo - a bit more space cannot be a bad thing! Would be great if I can get that sorted in the next couple of weeks and be able to share some photographs with you, I'm dreaming of shelving, desks and filing cabinets at present...

And on that note the weekend is finally here! As usual I am working on Saturday, but since the weekends are always rather busy time tends to go quickly, making way for my favourite day of the week - super Sunday.

Happy Friday all!

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