Hello! I'm Sophie and I write for Blog Holoholo, the driving force behind the new sustainably created, handmade clothing line Holoholo. Moving back to the countryside after studying fine art in London gave me the push to create something I've always sought, but never really been able to find -- beautiful, classic pieces, made to last with unique prints that you won't see on every Tom-Dick-and-Harry on the street. 

Hence, Holoholo was born - a way for me to share all the illustrations I had spilling out of sketchbooks through a medium I have always loved: clothing. Not wanting to be another drain on the world's resources, it's important that all materials sourced for Holoholo goods are carefully chosen, taking into account the effect of their cultivation on the earth, the conditions and wages of the workers and their overall sustainability.

Here on the blog you can track the progress (and mistakes) we've made since day one,  as well as getting some behind-the-scenes information on what makes the Holoholo wheel turn. You can check out the main site here, where you'll find more information about the company and have the opportunity to purchase our pieces when they become available in Spring 2015. 

Drop me an email anytime for a chat, or pop a comment under a post and I'll be sure to get back to you.