Monday, 13 May 2013

Young One

Images via For Mondays.

The last image spoke to me today since this is always something I am acutely aware of - my age. It probably comes a little bit from always having mixed with older people since being friends with my big brother, but has extended to going to university - I didn't do an Art Foundation so was always at the very least one year behind my peers - and having gone to a college to do my first two years I spent those with mainly mature students. I can't help but always feel like the 'young one', which is not necessarily a bad thing, but can make one feel inadequately prepared - without valuable years of experience or knowledge of certain things.

I'm sure a degree of this feeling is created by myself (who doesn't have insecurities?) but I have been in certain situations where people have been particularly keen to take my age into account. It can be especially bad if people don't actually know my age, since I am quite fresh faced! Anyway, I've shared these words in order to encourage everyone in a similar situation - including myself - that being young is not a problem if the appropriate effort and leg-work is put in. I may be a 21 year old girl starting my own business from my bedroom, but who is to say I can't do it as well (or even better) than a 30 year old man? We are the future, after all!

I hope this means something to someone else out there, I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling a little young and small sometimes... just remember, you are only as big as your ideas. Happy Monday!

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