Thursday, 9 May 2013


It feels like a long time since I've posted something important here on the blog, but since I've been working largely on research based endeavours there's not been that much to show visually, shy of taking photographs of my workbooks and textbooks... but who wants to see that? Things are ticking away though, and most excitingly I am 99% sure of the fabric I will be using for my first collection(!). I shan't share that yet though as I want to be 100% - so keep your eyes peeled.

My absolute favourite TV show of the moment is New Girl, and the latest episode (in the UK) is beyond appropriate for me. 1. It's called Menzies (my surname - amazing) and 2. Well... I look and feel a lot like Jess does in the picture above. Enough said I think. Image from the hilarious yet exceptionally apt What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear?.

It may well be time for a post-work nap to get me back in the mood for business plan writing - my neverending task for the past few days but a very important one indeed. Nearly the weekend though folks... Hang on in there!

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