Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Wow, research can feel endless, especially when a lot of what there is to sift through is peppered with opinions (some helpful, some less). The difficulty of not having a large fabric warehouse down the road is inevitably that I can't just pop down the road to have a look - or more importantly, a feel - at what's on offer. I suppose I need to be more informed on my choices as a result, and make sure I do the relevant leg-work before committing to buying a length, which I'm going to say is a good thing.

The samples I mentioned arrived and I have since been umming and ahhing over three white squares no bigger than 3x3". It's great to be able to have a little bit of each type of cotton, but it's very difficult to tell whether each will be suited to my garments without actually buying a couple of metres and sewing a complete sample. The main difference I can ascertain is the weight - poplin being the heaviest, followed by shirting and least heavy being lawn. At the moment I quite like the lawn, but am concerned it may be a little too sheer - considering one of the main objectives of Holoholo is to offer comfortable, easy-to-wear pieces, and I for one don't find a see-through blouse that easy-to-wear. My current feeling is that the poplin is too stiff, therefore I may consider trialling both of the others with a sample blouse to decide which is to be used.

As far as the opinions go, I was looking into the possible advantages of using a blend of polyester and cotton, since this is such a widely used technique. I generally support all-natural processes where I can, but did not want to take a stance on something I knew little about, particularly when poly-cotton could be an option for Holoholo. I've decided this is not to be, however, based on lots of reading around the subject. As far as I can tell, pure cotton is more breathable, softer, more durable and more comfortable - therefore it looks as though it is the choice for me. Thank god there isn't another fabric to choose from!

On a little side note, I got my hands on some more bias binding and so was able to finish the toile of my second blouse, which I'm really excited about...

There's a little snippet to see how the neckline should look. I'm so looking forward to having my first finished pieces, with the perfect fabric and my own prints! Will have to contain myself a little longer and make this decision first though...

Hope everyone has enjoyed this gloriously sunny Tuesday!

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