Saturday, 6 April 2013

Brucey Bonus

I hadn't really planned on doing one of these kind of posts since I'm generally not that big of a coveter (not that you'll believe that after reading this). Having consistently been a student from the age of 5 until less than a year ago I have never had a particularly large amount of money aside from birthdays I suppose, which has meant I have shopped with a drip-feed approach ever since I learned to shop for myself. It's not often (read: never) that I go on a spree - rarely do I end up with more than three items in one go - but that doesn't bother me as it's always the way I've done it.

However... this week I won a little award at work and as such have earned myself a whopping £50 bonus (I know, crazy) and now I have no idea what to treat myself to! Since I went on holiday I'd been planning not to spend much on things I didn't need, and have therefore had my finger off the pulse for a few weeks. This has caused somewhat of a dilemma as I've got to spend my little bonus fairly sharpish so that I can have the receipt validated (they can't just give me cash). Who knew spending £50 could be so difficult?!

So, in my usual over-enthusiastic manner I've put together a little visual shopping list to choose from...

The obligatory Topshop section

A couple of beautiful bags

My (comfortable) shoe addiction showing nicely

And how could I forget Urban Outfitters?

It is now apparent to me that I do have the knack for internet shopping, that I am terrible at making decisions and that I can covet many things at once quite comfortably when I put my mind to it. I am beginning to wonder whether it would be acceptable for me to choose one item from each section of the list... completely sabotaging the aim of saving but still, it's all so nice... I need help!

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