Monday, 11 March 2013

One Week to Go

Until I'm off on my jollies to Bruges with B, how exciting! Work this morning went so quickly and smoothly that I don't really need much cheering up for once! However, I realise that unfortunately that can't be the case for everyone, so I've scoured Pinterest to bring you some lovely things (I'm kind like that) (it's not at all because I have a Pinterest problem) (promise). Ahem...

Check For Mondays for sources.

I would love a beautiful bike like that blue one, but I won't even think about buying one until I move out of my little town. At least I can get my research done in plenty of time! And by research of course I mean purely aesthetic. Talking of buying things, I actually went and bought the tablet I was thinking about yesterday! I know, shocking. Looking forward to that arriving in the next few days. Of course I was too 'thrifty' to pay for express delivery - does anyone actually do that when they have the option not to? I certainly don't. Got lots to do this evening so I'll get back to it whilst watching my favourite programme, New Girl. I think I'm in love with Nick Miller. Seriously. Happy Monday!

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