Sunday, 10 March 2013

Checking in

This weekend has mainly consisted of food since the girls I lived with in London came to stay, and that's pretty much what we do whenever we're together. Since they left I've been working on my colours, matching the shades I picked out with the tones of the Holoholo colours from the website. The results of which you can see below:

I'm quite impressed with myself (not to toot my own flute) for getting to grips with basic digital design, considering I was so phobic of it since the days my A-level art teacher used to make us apply Photoshop filters to photographs before painting them. The days of "graphic pen" still haunt me! I shouldn't be mean though as Robbo gave me the most important chance of my 'artistic career' - letting me onto the A Level fine art course with no art & design GCSE to speak of. He helped make me who I am today and I'll be eternally grateful!

On the subject of digital design, I'm becoming more inclined to invest in a Wacom tablet to aid the process, as trackpads aren't the best for doing fiddly things. They're not too expensive for a small one, but the fact that I hate parting with money isn't helping. (That printer I was talking about a few weeks ago...? Still in the shop.) I know it would be useful so I might get on Amazon and purchase one while the thought is fresh. I find it easier to spend money online rather than in a store, am I the only one? Slowly drip-feeding my studio with things I need (as I have been doing) is probably the best way the get fully equipped, as long as I don't get round to totalling up what I've spent... That would never do! Hope everyone's weekend has been smashing. Enjoy the last few hours of Sunday (and week 10 of 2013!)

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