Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday Flop

It happens to unfortunately be another of those weekends on which I'm scheduled to work, so my Friday feeling is somewhat lacking. I've had a not particularly successful week, mainly due to the stinking cold I woke up with on Tuesday which has decided to stick around for some time! Wanting to heal myself before next week I've made an effort to slow down and give my body some rest, but it doesn't seem to have helped much so I'm beginning to think I should have just worked away as usual! Never mind, hopefully it will have disappeared by Monday.

Things I have got done this week (aside from what I've blogged about) include...

Snoozed with a baby French bulldog

Drank tasty rose lemonade in Bath

Drank copious amounts of tea (with Christmas biscuits)

Ate yummy French Macaroons made by the little sis

Made stupid faces on instagram

Ate tasty home-made korma

Attempted to relax and, as my boss so delicately put it, 'sweat out' my cold
Who knew I ate and drank so much? The rest of my evening will be spent with my parents, a glass of cava and comic relief - living the rock star life! Happy Friday all, hope yours is a little more exciting than mine!

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