Friday, 22 March 2013

Back in Blighty

After a very long drive yesterday I am back in England and hiding inside from the awful rain and wind. Awful! I've put together a few shots from my break in Bruges, and looking through them has made me want to go back already, sigh. Walking on non-cobbled streets was a bit of a novelty this afternoon though! Unfortunately I will now have to go back to being sensible with my money and not sample every café, friet stand and waffle vendor I come across (sad face).

I have a few more photos from my iPhone that I'll post over the weekend, since they'll need a bit more editing/tweaking and I've got unpacking, washing clothes and tidying up my room/studio before one of my favourite gals comes round for pizza later. (Not spending all my money on food can start tomorrow...) Happy Friday!

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