Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Proper Prints

My last post showed the new and improved wishbone print, and as promised, I've been working on the others:

The rubber lino is a bit more difficult to work with but I'm getting there! Should have all of the blocks done tomorrow so I can start working out repeats and colour combinations. It's all getting a bit real! I've also been working on a pattern for a shirt, which is an altered version of this one I made earlier. Got some button-shaped kinks to work out before I can reveal it but I'm hoping I can get that done this week and then be able to put the prints together with the shirts.

I do hope everyone else's week is going along nicely, although I'm sure most are looking forward to the weekend! I am not so much, since I'm working both days and the weekend in any restaurant has got to be the busiest time... ouch. All the more reason to get loads done tomorrow and Friday! Happy Wednesday!

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