Monday, 25 February 2013

Let's Start Over

I mean with this week, it sucks! Fear not though, I've got a couple of images to brighten up this atrocity of a day...

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Isn't that a little better already? There are few things I wouldn't do for one of those milkshakes and a squidge of that kitten, but for now a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate will have to do. I don't like to have a negative outlook on things as I'm a strong believer that you reap what you sow - which is why I'm taking this opportunity to forget about the day job and remember why I'm doing it: so I can get Holoholo off the ground. Therefore this week can now get back on track to being a fun and productive one at Holoholo HQ!

I've got a few shots to show what I've been working on the past few days, excitingly this includes fabric ink and printing. My first attempt at this proved a little shaky, which I believe was largely down to my lino cutting technique. Having spent a couple of days with Jen I was introduced to soft-cut lino, which I'd always steered away from previously. She recommended it though and I thought I'd give it a try, and I'm glad I did! You can see the difference immediately in the quality of the prints - not to say that either is necessarily better or worse - they are merely different and suited to different things, perhaps.

Original lino block
Print from original block
Drawn out onto new soft-cut lino
Post-cutting, pre-printing
Post printing!
Next up: horseshoe
I am really pleased with the result from my printing escapades, so will continue this week with working on the soft-cut lino options for each of my designs. My thinking is that due to the soft-cut stuff being made from rubber rather than linoleum, it should be more hardwearing, as long as it is looked after correctly, which is quite an important factor in deciding which material to use. I've also made my new blocks a touch smaller than the original ones, as I feel this would work better aesthetically when the prints are incorporated into my garments. Only trial and error (or should I say, research) will tell. Happy (what's left of) Monday, here's to a good week!

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