Saturday, 19 January 2013

White World

What a strange couple of days, cars hidden beneath inches of snow and people using their actual legs to get around. Crazy! Including me of course. Walking was an everyday thing at university and I generally really enjoyed it, but since being home I pretty much always opt for my car. My sister and I decided we needed a trip to a much-loved local café so ventured out into the freezing air, only to find it was closed, so we ended up in Costa (sad times). Managed to take a few snaps on my iPhone while we were out though, doing my best to avoid frostbite while my mittens were off!

(Disclaimer: Unfortunately none of the snow creatures were my doing)

All this excess exercise has taken its toll on me; turns out frolicking around with sledges and sliding on ice is a young person's game! I'm not very good at napping these days so I tend to just veg out and perform all daily tasks at half the speed of a normal person - meaning I'm a little behind on design work today. I've also been having a complete nightmare with my new email account, and have been trying my hardest not to have to rope in the boyfriend for help. It seems however, the time has come. Cue sad face!

I've been waiting on a delivery of printing supplies (and a shockingly priced new Mac charger) (and maybe some desert boots...) and since the heavens opened with snow, I imagine it's been difficult for Mr Postman to get things their destinations. Completely understandable, but I'm very much looking forward to the moment a car can safely get up or down my road and I am united with my new beauties. Who doesn't love post?


  1. I love the scotty dog! I've been waiting for leggings for a month, running to the letter box is my daily work out.

    1. A month! We haven't had snow for a month, that's shocking. I feel your pain gal.


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