Monday, 21 January 2013

Blue Monday?

Generally Mondays can be pretty blue anyway - going back to work after the weekend (if you're lucky enough to have weekends off), having to wake up early and get back to the daily grind. So why dedicate a particular Monday to being particularly blue? I thought I'd share my Monday remedy for a day like today: my Pinterest board, For Mondays.

I started this board when I first joined Pinterest and have been adding steadily to it ever since, with things that make me smile. If you're feeling a little blue today I urge you to get on over to Pinterest and find yourself some happiness! Feel free to start with my Monday board and see where the links take you. Not that I'm in any way encouraging procrastination...

Back to work I go!

All image sources can be found via For Mondays - just click on them for their original homes.

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