Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Love

In a moment of weakness a couple of weeks ago I found myself ordering an item I have coveted for a looong time... and now they have arrived I am overjoyed! I have always loved desert boots, but could never find a pair that fit me and I truly loved. I tried on my sister's cute espadrille soled ones but alas she is miles taller than me and as such needs bigger feet in order not to fall over. For shame! Then I saw Lyzi's pair...

Photograph from Lyzi's Instagram

and on finding out they were Clarks Originals I knew it was only a matter of time before I pounced and got my hands on some. However, being a poor graduate (hello overdraft) and trying to set up a business (hello expenses), I couldn't really justify paying full price for some... which is why when the sale rolled around I was struck with love at first sight. And they did not disappoint!

I bought the red Harris Tweed versions as you can see, and am so pleased I did. Not that I will be wearing them in the near future as the ground outside is dangerously icy (not to mention filthy!), so they will have to live in my cosy little workspace for a while longer before they get out in the big wide world. Since it snowed I've worn nothing appropriate for photographing (joggers with leggings underneath + 8,000 mismatched layers on top), but when I'm able to wear normal outfits again I might make an effort and style them up with some wooly socks etc. My rookie attempt at product photography has altered the colour slightly - they're more of a deep red than the pillar-box tone they appear in the pictures, but you get the idea. Here's hoping the snow eases off in the Southwest this weekend so I can get down to Westbury on Trym to see my third year housemates and give these beauties their first wear!

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