Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What do you do?

Springing up out of nowhere is a little scary, especially since I have had a couple of blogs before but not found the time or motivation to keep them going. Previous blogs have been centred around my art - it was a compulsory element of my degree to create one and keep it updated, so I did as I was told (how unlike me...) and made one.

Painting 'Taiji' from my second year, 2010

You can find my original Wordpress here and take a peek at what I got up to in my first two years at art school (oh, memories!). My final year shenanigans were meant to be well documented but are best viewed on my website, as blogging wasn't overly high up on my list of priorities when the dreaded dissertation came around.

'Untitled, Grandmother Series', 2011

5 exhibitions across Exeter and London down, one degree graduated and here I am, trying to do what I always wanted to - merge my two loves into something that might gain me a bit of an income one day. I first tried my hand at doing so during university, making a skirt with a one-off print inspired by my paintings (photographs below). However, this was not very well received by my lecturers and coupled with the fact I had to lay low whenever the print room technician was about (due to a nasty ink spillage), it was my last foray into the textiles world whilst in Exeter.

Taiji Skirt, 2010

Detail, Taiji Skirt

Therefore it must be time to pick up where I left off and ruin my own desk with printing inks! Images of spills will be provided if (when!) they occur...

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