Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Ironic title really, since there is very little actual paper involved in setting up a business these days. I did get two letters through the post though, my first official mail(!).

A Real-Life Letter

From registering the company to purchasing a domain, it's been an expensive few days at Holoholo HQ. It's good to know I've staked my claim on my spot on the internet though, especially since the website will be the hub of the business. I'm therefore not making it live until I've got my first products ready, so it's looking a little sad at the moment, poor thing!

On the subject of real-life paper, I've been overly excited this week about my new weekly planner diary from The Magic Notebook, which I am so pleased to have found thanks to the lovely Gem.

Image from The Magic Notebook

I bought the Alice Snow edition and it's been great for keeping me organised which can be difficult when trying to start a business alongside unreliable shift work, to say the least! It's also been inspiring to see other small businesses that sell unique and beautiful products providing such a great service and also getting the recognition they deserve... one day, Holoholo!

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