Thursday, 10 January 2013

Getting Official

I bit the bullet yesterday and applied to register Holoholo as a business over at Companies House. I'll find out in two days if my application was successful, and then the fun can begin! (Kind of). I'm still waiting on the delivery of fabric inks I've ordered but have been working on a set of designs in the mean time.

Image from my Instagram

More on those designs soon when I've got more to show! Trying to teach myself how to use design software at the same time is proving slow work - being so used to pencils and paper has turned me into a bit of a technophobe. I'm beginning to regret not taking advantage of Photoshop lessons at uni, but I doubt I'd have taken any of it in without a purpose such as this to actually remember what I've been doing.

A little proof of this (hopefully) is the logo I've created for the Holoholo website and the header for this blog. I've still yet to master digital illustration and vectorising pencil illustrations, but Rome wasn't built in a day... apparently!

Holoholo Website Logo

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