Sunday, 13 January 2013

Frozen Fingers

What a day! If there are any bloggers that didn't take the opportunity to grab their cameras and head out for some sunny shots I will be very surprised. Not to let the blogging world down, I shuffled out in as many clothes as possible to use my new lens for the very first time (exciting!). Someone very kind bought me the Canon 55-250 for Christmas and I've been so looking forward to taking it out on a dry day - which is why it's taken this long for its first outing.

It's quite evident that I didn't make it out anywhere near the morning, but after a busy week I needed a good old lie in. It's been a good week for Holoholo though, getting a lot sorted on the admin side and with designs burning away nicely in the background, I've got some fun things planned for the week ahead. Happy Sunday!

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