Monday, 14 January 2013

Pointy Things Everywhere

Having exhausted my brain over the past few days working on the business side of things, I have granted myself a bit of time today to work on something a bit more relaxing. The pointy things would be my lino cutting tools, unexpectedly dangerous! Holding on to all my fingers has become a bit of a concern.

Image from my Instagram

The wishbone is the first of my designs to make it onto lino, and the images above are the result of my first linocut, or stamp if you don't mind sounding like a five year old. At least it's not made out of potato! I used acrylic paint diluted with a little water to get an idea of the print that will come from this first stamp, and from there will be able to work out any kinks with the design. When my ink tray and roller arrive in the next few days I will be able to start testing out fabrics and my new inks (yay!), and begin to get a feel for Holoholo in real-life, rather than just rattling round in my head. Scary...

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