Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Box Me Up

After what seems to have been a lifetime of searching for packaging solutions, ordering samples, trying them out, realising they don't work and starting all over again, it seems we have finally hit the jackpot. Small cardboard boxes made using recycled materials, coupled with luxury tissue paper (also recycled) and a lovely bow made from British made baker's twine. Not forgetting the all important mailing bag which - you guessed it - is made from recycled plastic and is fully degradable.

We had yet another decision to make on the paper - this time on the colour. The ones pictured are grey, peach and tan, from which we've decided on the grey since it goes nicely with the twine and the brown of the box. The peach was too pink, the tan too similar to the box itself. Sorted.

Now all that's left to do is look forward to being able to wrap up the first orders and put these decisions to good use! As well as everything else that's left of course. Time to put in the orders for the boxes and tissue... Happy Wednesday!

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