Monday, 18 August 2014

Week 34

All image sources can be found via For Mondays on Pinterest.

After a few weeks off - some due to holiday, some due to ridiculous amounts of work/life - we're back at the Holoholo game. After 33 weeks of 2014 we've got some good progress down, but now it's time to tighten up. The mysterious world of financial forecasting is slowly being decoded with the extremely generous help from our resident maths aficionado, which is great news as it's getting to the point at which we will need those all-important figures to move forward.

There's still a nice list of things to be getting on with in the meantime however, including the long-fought battle with packaging suppliers for the illusive perfect solution. Sometimes it is a wonder how these companies manage to do business when they can't reply to an email...

Stay tuned to find out how it goes. Happy Monday!

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