Thursday, 21 August 2014

Package Me Beautiful

As I mentioned on Monday, one of the big decisions we've got to make soon is how to package Holoholo goods. While originally planning to use a screen printed cardboard box with a coloured tissue inside, it has come to question as to whether there is another solution that is A) more original and B) more environmentally friendly. Is it really necessary to pack age soft items of clothing in cardboard boxes? Here are a few different packaging designs we've been looking at recently and feeling inspired by.

1. The amazingly beautiful One Fine Dae, an online paper shop from Seattle. Love the simplicity of the overall look, which is contradicted by all the tiny but thoughtful details. I've always loved the look of thread sewn onto paper - something I had been thinking of myself, recently.

2. From the lovely Etsy shop In Haus Press, a design and letterpress store based in San Francisco. The clean lines and muted palette of this design really let the contents do the talking, while the monochrome twine keeps it all held together nicely.

3. This kraft coloured delight is by Hickoree's Hard Goods, a clothing and accessories store in the US. The box-and-paper design is similar to what we originally had in mind, and would no doubt be the most protective way of transporting goods through the post.

4. This wonderfully retro design (which reads, "Each week at your newsagent") was found via the archiving website To Have And To Hold, a site showcasing a vast array of historical paper bags. Take a look, it's brilliant.

5. Packaging designed by Savvy Studio, with impeccably sharp lines and a slightly clinical feel. This looks incredibly professional, and though I do really like it, I wonder if some of the feeling of the brand would be lost by using a palette as stark this one.

There are so many options to be explored, but doing a bit of research is a great way to get some ideas together. Time to start thinking about how these ideas could work for Holoholo...!

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