Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lookin' Like Linen

Linen, a beautifully understated fabric renowned for its exceptional coolness, can be deemed difficult to wear due to its tendency to crease. And it can crease a lot. However, this idiosyncrasy can also be considered one of the fabrics greatest charms, allowing a laid-back aesthetic that adds a different texture to an ensemble.

Made from the flax plant, the retting process employed during the production of linen can be harmful to the environment when chemical methods are used in place of natural ones. While the look, feel and history of linen appeals to the Holoholo aesthetic, it is of great concern to the team that the fabrics used to create our pieces have as little negative effect on the environment and those involved in the production process as possible.

Step forward our new fabric - a linen look fair trade and organic cotton cross weave. This option incorporates the positive attributes of a traditional linen, but can guarantee the absence of pesticides and other chemical nasties that are so often used in non-organic textile production. The look and feel of the cross weave is unique, combining two different coloured threads for the weft and the warp to create a fabric that really has a special quality to it.

There a couple of samples knocking about that will make an appearance rather soon, but until then, have a gander at the snapshots above from the following sources:

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