Monday, 5 May 2014

Week 19/Week 9

All image sources via For Mondays on Pinterest.

Is it really another bank holiday? The last week has flown by, and now I'm beginning my ninth week at Year Here - three quarters of the way through my internship! It's now dawned on me to start thinking about how my work relates to the Holoholo journey, and where I am going to go next with it. Luckily I've had a few minutes here and there to mull it over, and will get an opportunity before I leave to talk to my super kind and helpful colleagues about my future plans.

As luck happens, I am still very much feeling the Holoholo vibe. There's going to be some big plans on how to improve the products, production process, branding and last but by no means least, this here blog. I'm looking forward to expanding the content and hopefully getting some more interest - I realise it's not exactly enthralling to read a tiny snippet about how my internship has been going on a weekly basis.

Looking forward to getting those changes decided upon and put in place in the next few months. Until I get a moment to throw in a little HH update, happy Monday!

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