Monday, 7 October 2013

You Rock

All image sources can be found via For Mondays on my Pinterest account.

Don't ever change. (If you got that Lizzie McGuire reference you are probably about as cool as me...) Seriously though, this Monday is dedicated to keeping the dream alive, working hard for what you want and doing whatever you can not to give up. It can feel like you're treading water for a long time (I know that feeling) but one day you might just get the break you've been waiting for and it could all be worth it. Fingers crossed that some luck is on the horizon for me job-wise and we can get buying materials and get the first run underway. That's the mini-dream for now and I'm going to stick with it until it's time for the next one. And the next. And so on.

Let's make this Monday a cracker!

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