Friday, 11 October 2013


Wow, it has felt like a long week! The journey from Monday morning to Friday evening has seemed rather relentless, but now we are finally at the weekend it might just be time for a little relaxation. My sister is home from university for the weekend so I imagine we'll be chilling with a Tim Minchin DVD and drinking cava... as you do. One of my main tasks this week has been putting together a market research survey for my target demographic to fill out - a link to which is at the bottom of this post. I've taken a shot of how one of the results is currently looking, although things could well change as the amount of responses increases. Who knows!

If you do find yourself with a spare minute, I would really appreciate it if you could fill it out for me - every answer helps! Happy Friday, and a good weekend to you all!

If you'd like to fill out my survey, here it is!

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