Saturday, 3 August 2013


So as you may have ascertained, it has been a rough few weeks for me, which is evident in the lack of posts over here at blog Holoholo. It is well and truly time to pause, take stock of what's important and make some changes. Too often people will tell us what they believe is the key to success, happiness, wellbeing... and regardless of whether this works for them, it may not work for you at all. (I've also found that some people take delight in telling you anything that disputes your apparent way of doing things, because they get their kicks from making people feel small.)

Anyway, the idea here is just to remember that you don't have to listen to the people that are trying to help or advise you - you should listen to yourself and trust in the ways you work best. I read a great post this morning over at The Fresh Exchange, which I found through A Cup of Jo. Written by designer Megan Gilger, it speaks about the importance of "finding the calm" - an idea that has inspired me in many ways, including the concept behind Holoholo itself. Take a look, you might find yourself feeling a whole lot better about things, like me.

Changes are afoot, and the details of which will become clear next week. For now, a bit of relaxation is coming my way... until tomorrow. This time last year my best pals and I were chilling at Fieldview fest, and since we couldn't be there this year, we're all weeping a little and remembering how much fun (and sun) we had... looking out the window it's clearly not quite so dry and bright as last year though!

My baby sis is out there braving the rain, so here's to all the festival goers that are getting the cups of tea in and huddling under the shisha tent. Happy weekend!

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