Friday, 14 June 2013

Busy Busy

Via Swissmiss
So... it's Friday! Which my mother used to call POETS Day (piss off early, tomorrow's Saturday) - classy I know! However, I shan't be following in her footsteps since I have loads to get done today. Ordering studio equipment, checking out the order of fabric that was delivered yesterday, running some personal errands that have to be done on a weekday (apparently not everyone works the weekend!)... the list goes on.

In my spare time outside work this week (whilst putting through online orders and waiting for deliveries) I used the inspiration I found from the exhibitions posted about on Tuesday to get some drawing and painting done in my moleskine. I tend to be a little precious about what I put in there, but really I need to start freeing myself up and just going with it. Which I did!

Things got a bit too free at one point though, and I managed to spill half a 30ml pot of Indian ink on myself and my bed...

Oops! after filling the bath with black water and exclaiming a few unmentionable words, we got back on track. Also purchased my first mechanical pencil in the hope it would decrease the amount of time I spend sharpening normal pencils (whilst also keeping the same sharp line). Quite impressed so far!

And here's how it's looking at the moment. Feels good to have got some 'recreational' art done, since it's usually either toward Holoholo or any forthcoming exhibitions. The gift of no pressure!

Best get back to that long to do list before the day is out. Happy Friday!

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