Saturday, 25 May 2013


Did you know it's Saturday? Already! Getting back to work today has been difficult since my weekend has been swallowed up by the new job, but between eating and sleeping I've managed to fit in a couple of hours worth here and there. The first length of bamboo arrived so that's currently going through the very exciting process of pre-shrinking before anything can be done with it. Patience being tested!

More research into materials has resulted in a choice of cotton thread supplier, from which I have been choosing colours that compliment the tones I have been working with.

The first row of threads are embroidery cotton for button holes, and the second row are silk-feel cotton for topstitching. Lovely!

The rest of this evening will be spent working on a new and improved company logo, cracking out the Bamboo tablet for another round of digital design. I'm determined to get used to using it!

Hope everyone's weekend is pleasant and warm - what a welcome surprise a bit of sun has been! Let's hope it stays nice for the next few months so we can start doing summery things and stop wearing big old coats and scarves. Or is that just me?

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