Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Productive Tuesday

After preparing a short to-do list last night (didn't want to make it too long and therefore impossible to complete) I have had a pretty successful day, and as such, have had to keep extending the list!

A few of the things I've got done are...

Matched up colours to print onto dyed fabrics

Mixed up inks to match those colours

Worked out pattern cutting placements for chosen fabric

As well as working out some particulars with a potential fabric source, pinning down the sources of threads, buttons and bias tape, and beginning to put together a spreadsheet detailing some of the costs of materials for Holoholo pieces.

There's still plenty of day left so I'm hoping the emails can continue and I can get down to ordering some lengths to make samples from. I'm sure I can cook up some more things to add to the ever increasing to-do list, so will get back to that now. If nothing else, sections of the business plan can start to be written up (the terror!). Now would be a good time to read my own advice from yesterday's post.

Hope today has been as productive for everyone else!

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