Friday, 26 April 2013

Thank Goodness

Image found via Pinterest, owner unfortunately lost

It's been a bit of a wacky week, with ups and downs aplenty, so I'm pretty happy to see the end of it and hopefully go back to my more regular way of living starting on Monday. Before then, however, there's always the weekend, which aside from 6 hours at work I have to myself! I'm looking forward to catching up with my boyfriend and drinking tea somewhere nice with him - our usual weekend routine.

From Tuesday I'm planning to get back into Holoholo developments, which will include mixing ink colours to complement the dyes I have chosen for my fabric, sourcing packaging, attempting to move forward with my financial model and of course, making the all important decision of which fabric to use, at long last!

I sincerely hope everyone's weekend is a smashing one, and that the nice weather we've seen (very) intermittently today sticks around a bit longer. Happy Friday all!

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