Monday, 1 April 2013

A Brighter Monday

Hopefully most people have enjoyed a little extra time off this weekend with it being Easter, although I know in many professions this is just not possible, so these cute easter-y images are for you! (And everyone else of course :)

I managed to swindle today off which is lucky since I haven't been feeling great all weekend and have needed a bit of recovery time. I know for a fact I wasn't put on this earth to work in a loud, chaotic environment - which is why I feel much more comfortable working away on Holoholo at home rather than in the very busy restaurant where I also work. I think at times it gets on top of me and I need to give my body (and mind) some space - just not talking to anyone for an hour or two can be really restorative. Sounds quite anti-social but my family and friends will attest to the fact I do plenty of talking when I'm not recharging my batteries!

The week ahead is set to be another stressful one since the Easter holidays are in full force and the weather hasn't given the kids much chance to run around outside (do they still do that?). Hopefully the sun we've seen today will continue so parents can take their little munchkins somewhere other than my place of work :). Not that I will get to enjoy much of the outside world for the next four days! Can't have it all though, can we. Happy Easter Monday!

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