Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Making it Work

One of my all-time favourite people on earth has to be Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame. Just look at his beauty:

Seriously though, he is a great source of inspiration and always a calming influence to the designers. Since I've been watching seasons 10 and 11 whilst working away on my Holoholo creations, I sometimes feel I am actually a part of the show (cringe) and start panicking that I'm not going to get my look finished on time! Ridiculous really but there you go. Whenever I'm feeling a little defeated I try to channel my inner Tim Gunn and tell myself to "make it work" - his famous catchphrase. It's only a matter of time before I start saying "auf wiedersehen" to people as they leave and give them a good old European double cheek kiss... Although that will be appropriate in a couple of weeks time when I am in Bruges celebrating my 6th anniversary! So excited. I'm hoping I can get some design inspiration from the city along with drinking beer and eating waffles... although the beer and waffles do sound good enough on their own! Hope everyone's sunny Tuesday has been a pleasant one. Auf wiedersehen!

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