Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Trying to become computer-design literate is proving interesting, I'm sure I have been going the long way around certain things but at least I'm learning! I've been working on different repeat patterns for the first couple of Holoholo prints, and have so far got one simple design for the wishbone, acorn and ti plant. Although they're my first ones, I'm pretty pleased with how they look so I might end up going with these arrangements in the end! For argument's sake though I will try out a few more designs and continue with my other prints.

I'm on the edge of purchasing my new printer, but being such a stinge I'm reluctant to shell out the £120 for it... terrible! I think I need to be a bit brave and just go for it, seeing as it's an investment into my company after all. Having a scanner at arm's reach will mean I can scan in drawings with little effort (in the form of requesting use of the 'family computer') - which should mean I can whip out more drawings and share them much more easily! I do love a good doodle. Hope everyone's week is rubbing along nicely, two days left before we can all have a big old glass of wine. Woo!

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