Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Introducing Spike

Spike is my trusty Singer Tradition sewing machine, and has been helping me along with my dream of becoming a more than adequate sewer. I'm feeling proud of myself today for getting a fair bit done whilst working on what could be my first Holoholo piece...! I've been altering patterns, sticking pins in my fingertips (not on purpose) and making emergency runs to the local fabric shop for bias binding. It's just a toile at this stage, so I wont give too much away - especially since I used bizarrely coloured bobbin fill for lack of a better option. I've got a few changes to make to create the pattern I have in mind, but hopefully I'll have it together soon and will be able to share the details. Here's a preview for now:

I'm so looking forward to being able to bring together my prints and garments, best get back to work!

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