Thursday, 31 January 2013

Pattern Pile

One of my biggest interests is in pattern - whether found in nature or man-made, I'm pretty obsessed. So much so that I am more than used to anyone I am walking anywhere with sighing very audibly when I stop and reach for my phone to photograph a new pattern on the street, in a park, whatever the location. I figured it would be interesting to show my findings every now and then, to let the images loose from my ever-shrinking phone memory and into the world... how romantic! So here goes my first pattern pile...

Tiles from Syria - Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Tiles from Iran: the Story of Yusuf and Zulaikha - Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Tiles from Syria (around 1430) - Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Doors from Egypt (around 1270-1320) - Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Floor Tiling of V&A Gallery, London
My Uncle's Shirt, his wardrobe

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