Thursday, 9 April 2015

Swatch Watch

Somehow it is already Thursday, and therefore nearly the end of what has been a rare four-day working week for many (lucky devils). We're getting down to it today and taking a closer look at three new fabric options that are under consideration for the development of our first collection. A little variety never hurt anyone, right?

These fabrics are all from the same line as the one that currently features in each of our pieces - which you can see here - and are therefore all still made from Organic cotton. They are also all crossweaves, which is what makes them so interesting and unique. This simply means that the yarn used for the warp and the weft are two different colours, and when woven across one another, blend to create a multi-tonal fabric.

We placed the samples together as you can see above, including a swatch of our current fabric, in order to get a feel for what the colours would look like as a collection. To be honest we are pretty impressed with how well they work with one another. The next task, of course, is to test out some prints on each one to see how they look and also to ascertain whether the current ink colours will work or whether we need to add a few more to the assortment we currently have on the go. Check back soon to see how it goes!

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