Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wear With Holoholo -- Jewellery

The first Holoholo collection has been a labour of love - and I'm talking lots of labour and lots of love. It's great to see it in full now, and to be able to sell it to some lovely people as well. As one of the key facets of our designs is that they suit a minimalist style, it has been a source of joy and ever so slight procrastination to find accessories that can be paired with Holoholo pieces for that laid-back, chic look.

As usual I have had to look no further than Holoholo's Pinterest for inspiration - and have honed in on a few of my favourite pieces created and sold by small businesses around the world that I feel would team beautifully with any Holoholo garment.

Tiny Gold Bar Studs by lunaijewelry on Etsy / Dainty Gold Bar Bracelet by SincerelyDelightful on Etsy / Gold XL Earring by Lumo / Horizon Necklace by Kertis on Etsy / Green Aventurine Crystal Necklace by AghartaJewellery on Etsy / Geometric Bangle Set by Country Road / Hammered Gold Stacking Rings by LexLuxe on Etsy

The array of amazing jewellery that can be found when you go a little off-piste from the usual high-street or enormous online stores is something I really love about the internet - and Etsy is particularly brilliant for finding handmade pieces that you may have never come across with a standard google search. If you find yourself on the lookout for a new something special to finish off your outfit - or even a statement piece upon which to build a look completely - I urge you to take a look at what you can uncover in the world of small businesses and boutiques. Now I may or may not be off to make a little purchase for myself...

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