Monday, 16 March 2015

Starting the Week Right

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If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may be familiar with my Monday ritual which I try to keep to in order to begin each working week with a bit of structure. When working for yourself, whether it be freelancing for another company or owning your own business, it can be hard to remain as productive as you may otherwise be if working within a team structure with a systematic approach to producing work and getting sh*t done.

Over the last couple of years since deciding to start Holoholo I've read about others' ways of keeping the work-flow going, ranging from a man that suits up every morning as though he was going to the office (not something I have tried yet), to the usual tips of waking up early, not working where you sleep and taking a walk outside after lunch. The little ritual I have honed since working from home is to have a regular slot on the blog on a Monday to add a smile to my day - a virtual cup of coffee if you will. Unfortunately real coffee makes me sleepy so it's not so good as a motivator in this office.

The idea came from my intense love of Pinterest, on which I created a board called For Mondays which is where I pin to for my Monday posts. I pull a few of the images at the start of the week, put them into a short post about the week ahead (not forgetting to link back) and voila. It gets me in the routine of actually producing something - a teeny tiny achievement to start off the day - and provides a bit of much needed structure. And it requires me to go on Pinterest which is never a bad thing.

If you're interested in the blog's previous Monday posts you can have a browse through them by clicking here, or using the navigation in the side bar just to the right of this post. It would be great to hear of any things you regularly do to keep on top of your workflow - do let me know in the comments. Happy Monday!

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