Friday, 29 August 2014

Eco at the Emmys

This Monday saw the 66th annual Emmy Awards ceremony, meaning - you guessed it - red carpet madness. Not one to usually fawn over the triumphs and fails of celebrities, I did find myself wondering who, if anyone, was flying the flag for sustainable fashion on one of the biggest awards nights America will host this year. Feast your eyes on these shining examples of red-carpet-gone-green action; don't they look great?

American Horror Story's Sarah Paulson in Armani, who have been working with hemp and recycled plastic bottles in order to use more sustainable materials and reduce their impact on the environment. Etherial and eco-friendly? Good job.

Mayim Bialik of Big Bang Theory fame wore Oliver Torentino, a Philippines born designer using local plants and craftsmen to create sustainable pieces. It's great to see an eco-conscious line that doesn't shrink into the background - I imagine there were a LOT of head turns toward this electric blue number.

Lizzy Caplan stood out in Donna Karan, a designer highly regarded for her eco- and socially-conscious pieces, unafraid to work in classic monochrome and let the impeccable cut of the dress capture the attention. It's great to see more and more sustainable pieces make their way into these huge events,

Good work from some cracking designers and actresses - an eco-job well done!

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