Monday, 16 June 2014

Week 25

All image sources can be found via For Mondays.

I don't even want to think about the fact that next week will mark the halfway point of 2014... seriously?! This Monday I'm concentrating on appreciating what I have achieved so far, personally and professionally, and trying not to worry about the things I ~haven't~ done yet. There's plenty of time for doing other things! Trying to believe that is another thing altogether mind you.

The other thing to be hugely thankful for is friends and family, colleagues and anyone else who has helped me get to where I am. Being grateful for all the things you have and the people you know is one of the things that never fails to make it onto those lists of "10 Things Happy People Do" and "25 Ways to Improve Your Life" - although those things can be a bit twee, if they're all telling us about gratitude, it's probably time to start listening.

So, happy Monday, and thank you for reading!

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