Friday, 14 March 2014

What Does the Cow Say?

Moo is a company I have worked with before, having been referred to them by a friend at university, and I've never looked back. Not only do they provide incomparable quality and attention to detail for all your printing needs, the service I have received is second to none.

I am so pleased with the way our thank-you cards have come out, and none of that could have been possible without the help of Kayla S and the Moo Support Team.

I would usually hesitate to announce that there was an issue with the original articles sent to me, as I wouldn't want to unjustly dissuade anyone from using the company, but due to the speed and ease with which the problem was solved, I have no reservations in sharing this fact. The little issues were down to two different things; one being a design-based problem as a result of exact borders which are, upon closer inspection, not recommended by the Moo team. The other was a production fault, which was immediately rectified with no qualms by Kayla. We were then given the option to redesign the cards, which we gladly took, so as to have a final product that was completely to our specifications - this meant altering the design so that it was not so central and therefore did not need the extreme accuracy that a perfectly centred and thin-bordered design would need during printing.

As soon as these changes had been sent back to Moo, Kayla got our order on the way, and within a few days we were able to open and rejoice in the beautiful items that are our thank-you/info cards - to be included in every package when sent out to the customer.


So to cut a rather long story short, I would 100% recommend working with Moo if you are in need of any business cards, postcards, personalised invitations or anything else they have to offer. You can check out their website all their products here.

Thanks, Moo!

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