Monday, 3 March 2014


 loli, v. (Hawaiian) to change

A whole week later than originally planned, this post comes to you from a grey and rainy Wiltshire. The difference is, that this is the last Monday I will spend in such a place for the foreseeable future, since I'll be taking a few months out from the usual routine and will start an internship in London next week.

Although sometimes unwanted and often scary, change is one of the most important options we have - to maintain autonomy over our thoughts, decisions and actions is a freedom not afforded to everyone. To resist it would be to miss an opportunity - and who would want to do such a thing?

I'm excited to begin working with different people in a creative environment and to learn some great new skills that can be brought back to Holoholo in order to strengthen it further. To be back in the city is going to be fun (think of the food...) and being just over an hour away from home and Holoholo HQ is more than handy. This little change does mean that there will be less time for working on the business for the time being, but I am of the opinion (and optimism) that it will be a quality-over-quantity situation, and that the things I can get done will naturally become more concise and accurate. Here's hoping.

There are a few things in the pipeline at the moment, so they will find their way onto the blog in due course. Until then, happy Monday!

Photograph by Tasha Marie on Flickr

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