Monday, 17 February 2014

Merry and Bright


Writing this on Sunday afternoon, a wonderfully bright and sunny day, I can't help but be filled with optimism. Though sometimes difficult, (especially on those most stressful Mondays), it's important to remain hopeful and positive about what's to come, and try not to get overwhelmed by the mountain of things ahead.

This Monday is all about moving forward with a quite exciting new development - a new piece to add to the collection and a slight change to one of the existing pieces. Time is really a great old thing - providing perspective and shedding light on those things that may have been overlooked. Even though it would be great to have been able to get this show on the road months ago, you really have to appreciate the journey and allow it to take the time it needs. That's what I've been learning, little by little!

Have a great and productive Monday, whatever you're getting up to, and remember: be happy!

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