Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Limit

One of the constants we have always been able to rely on as a source of beauty and inspiration is that great big expanse above us - the sky. It's been particularly interesting over the last few days in the UK - changing almost instantly from bright blue and sunlit to deep indigo with ominous grey clouds. My favourite so far was the sunset yesterday evening (which I was lucky enough to enjoy beside Lacock Abbey), which brought a moment of tranquility in what has been a fairly miserable weekend on the whole.

Thinking about the amazing changeability of the sky took me to my Pinterest board, Feel, a little part of the internet I have a great love for since it is home to so many paintings and other artworks that make me do exactly that - feel.

So, put the two together and you get a few examples of how the skies have been interpreted by artists over the centuries. A nice bit of inspiration for a Sunday afternoon.

Clouds, John Singer Sargent (1897)
Lake Balaton with Breathing Clouds, Vaszary Janos (1905)
A Cloud, Ragnar Ungern (1935)
Ocean Moods Twenty One, Teresa Cline (2010)

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