Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Mocking Up

There's been a fair bit of mocking up going on at Holoholo HQ, but this has been a particularly interesting example since it's somewhat out of my comfort zone... making boxes! These were just testing for size - don't worry, I am not expanding to making my own packaging. Prints, patterns, pieces and web design are quite enough for me to take on. The good news is that the sizes are pretty spot on, so the eco-friendly boxes we've sourced should do just the trick. The next task will of course be to design the branding for the packaging which will be screenprinted onto the boxes.

That brings us on to the first lesson of screenprinting 101 - BE PATIENT. Failing to do so will result in inadequately dried masking fluid, leading to blurred edges. Not ideal! Time to whip this design off and try again. S l o w l y this time...

And here's a little peek at another of our prints in action, Mr Acorn. All he needs is a beautiful dyed background now...

Lots to do, including fabric ordering for the final samples and attempting to get hold of some scanning equipment since our's has just given up the ghost. Never a dull moment!

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