Friday, 20 September 2013

Pleats Please

With the beautiful sunlight streaming through the windows at Holoholo HQ, it seemed a great opportunity to snap some peeks at our newest design: the pleat-top dress. It's still in the development stage, hence the 'aesthetically vanilla' curtain lining material, but it's looking pretty sweet and I for one am excited about taking it to the next stage.

Would you look at that... it's Friday, people! It's been a long and busy week but a lot has been done - plenty of business plan writing and loads of business reading. I mean loads. This weekend is set to be a good one, with the rain in the South West of the UK letting up and a trip to see the girls I lived with in London, yay! Hope you have a great one and do some important re-charging for another full week ahead. Happy weekend!

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