Tuesday, 20 August 2013


The horseshoe print has come out to play and has found itself dancing along the bottom front panel of blouse #2. It's exciting seeing another print in action - although it will be even better when the fabric is dyed the correct colour. Something to look forward to in the near future! Overlocking has been a great success, and has really completed the blouses with the polished detail I've been aiming for. Therefore it's onwards with the finishing touches - the dying (as mentioned), threads, buttons and cuffs... and then onto packaging! Seriously can't wait to get that sorted, I do love a bit of tissue...

The Disneyland pilgrimage begins in the morning, so by this time tomorrow I am likely to be in the hotel pool having a chill before dinner. Have scheduled a post for while I'm away to keep the blog alive and kicking, though. See you in 4 days!

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